Gualdora is a young winery, born in 2008, but it wasn’t created from nothing: on this grounds viticulture has been practiced for decades an already by the 1960’s a fine wine was obtained from its rows.

Gualdora is the heart of an existential project more than a professional one. A project that has to do with the desire of a simpler, more authentic way of life, in contact with nature, using the natural resources in a responsible and sustainable way, like it was done for centuries before the intensive exploitation became a common practice also in agriculture.

The choice of producing wine was not random.Wine is pleasure, emotion and sharing: nothing has more power than wine in bringing people closer to each other.

Surveying these grounds we set the objective of launching a winery that respects the tradition while giving it an innovative imprint.

The production philosophy of Gualdora is based in two fundamental principles: respect for nature and attention to quality. This is translated in the vineyard by following biologic agriculture practices and in the winery by adopting oenologic techniques that preserve the genuinity of the product.